7DC – Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes 7DC (my7dc.com) Unique? 

There are a lot of things that are unique about 7DC. 

The fact that we make available “High-Valued” courses at a pocket-friendly price to end-users through or by creating an avenue for 7D users/affiliates/tribers to execute all skills taught and learned. It’s a triangular relationship between Creator/Merchant • Affiliate/Seller • End-user/Consumer.
(Owner • Middleman • Customer)

Another unique thing about this platform is that you do not need to pay any fee before you can access affiliate rights, to sell and earn, all that is required of you is to Sign up on my7dc.com to start selling and earning. You can also withdraw your money. However, if you’d like to access courses, products and training, you’d need to purchase any one of them at very affordable rates.

What are 7 Digits Subscription Packages?

Subscriptions are the gateway to becoming the top 1% of your industry or niche. We are empowering and equipping you to earn 7 figures in your business.

We have gone all the mile to create bespoke solutions, insights, actions, templates, frameworks, thoughts and ideas for you on your specific business. All you need is to simply execute and see fast predictable results. Your Millions are on the other side of our 7 Digits Subscriptions.

With 7DC Subscriptions (Silver, Gold & Platinum), access multiple resources and be equipped with more information and insights on how to super-charge and scale your online business and career.

Why Subscriptions?

We understand and saw the need for business owners to scale their sales and marketing game. Oftentimes, what they do is hire an expert or do trial and error till they get it. With the 7 Digits Subscriptions, we’re making life and business super-easy for business owners. We will create specialized business marketing success templates and frameworks with highly-valued insights that will help you scale your business. If you could not find a subscription for your business here yet, let us know, and we will create something just for you.

What do subscriptions contain?

The 7 Digits subscriptions contain; One – a bundle of high-value exceptionally-unique tailored 7D Courses and exclusive resources; at a very affordable highly-subsidized giveaway price. Two – Backdoor login access to the 7Dtribe (Only available on the 7DC Plat™). Three – Some promotional offers, earning challenges, and success calendars are only available to subscribers of particular packages.

What are 7DC Subscriptions?

7DC Subscriptions are a special kind of the 7 Digits Subscriptions – they are specialized bundled courses with 3 different levels. Silver, Gold and Platinum. With 7DC Subscriptions (Silver, Gold & Platinum), access multiple resources and be equipped with more information and insights on how to super-charge and scale your online business and career. 7DC Platinum is the most valuable.  You can choose to upgrade or downgrade your 7DC subscription levels at any time. However, you will not get a refund for the remaining days of your current subscription, if you choose to downgrade.

How To Become A Creator On My7dc.com?

Sign up on http://my7dc.com
Access your dashboard 
Select “Creator” 
Then make a payment of N15, 000/$37.50 Yearly fees and you can start selling your own courses (as many as possible).
For further enquiry, kindly click on: http://my7dc.com/creators

Does Being A 7d Triber Give Me Access As A Creator?

For you to have rights to sell digital courses of your own on the platform, you have to register to be a Creator at a fee of N15,000 yearly 

Is There A Minimum Withdrawal On My7dc Wallet?

The minimum withdrawal on the 7DC platform is N20,000 for Naira Wallet and $50 for USD Wallet.

How Much Commission Do I Get From Selling Subscriptions or Products On My7dc.com?

my7DC.com has a one-link-fit-all affiliate system. When you sign up, you automatically become an affiliate and you have access to your unique link, which when shared with anyone, the person can sign up also, and make payment for any products or subscriptions and you get your commissions. 
The commission on each subscription package is 40%  
Product Sales Commission :
Earn as high as 80% depending on the set-value by the creator/merchant.

How Do I Earn On My7dc.Com?

How Do I Earn On My7dc.Com?
One: Get people (prospects) to subscribe to any of the 3 subscriptions.
After successful payment,  you will receive your commission immediately.
Two: Sell any of the products hosted on our 7DC platform and earn as high as 80% commission on every sale (the commission you earn on each product is dependent on the value set by the creator/merchant). 
Three:  Get creators on board and receive a 50% of the Creators onboarding fee, immediately.

I’m New To Affiliate Marketing, Is There Any Training Plan For Beginners?

There is a full-blown training schedule for everyone, from beginners up to expert level.
Note: You can only access our training packages, through 1. Bundled Courses (that is, susbcription packages) AND 2. Single Courses/products.
In addition, if you want to access the highest value there is, subscribe to the 7DC PLAT, which gives you unlimited access to all of 7D SOLUTIONS, PLATFORMS,  VALUE, AND OPPORTUNITIES. 

Do I Have Access To Courses To Buy And Sell As An Affiliate On My7dc.com?

You certainly do have the rights to buy and sell on the platform.
To Sell:  The moment you sign up with us, your affiliate marketing journey has begun, and you can begin to sell the products on the platform and earn your commission. However, we always advise our Affiliates to LEARN as they earn. You cannot earn without learning but if you already know how to sell, abeg, carry on! However, there is no end to learning, and we provided for you just the right information you need, no matter which level of the journey you are right now. In other words, we gat you!
To Buy: To access courses for use, you have to pay for the course

What Kind Of Products Are Sold On 7dc?

7DC is a place for multiple varied kinds of products and services.  This includes Digital products (e.g. courses, ebooks, memberships, challenge tickets, events etc), Physical Products (e.g. exquisite wears, and gadgets), Service Based products (e.g. Spa, Gym, Telemedicine).

How To Locate My Unique Affiliate Link (Referral) Link On The Platform?

Simply log in to your dashboard, to access and copy your affiliate link. This is a one-fit-all kind of link. With this, you can sell anything and everything on the platform.

How Much Can I Make On 7DC?

7DC is a place for multiple varied kinds of products and services.  This includes Digital products (e.g. courses, ebooks, memberships, challenge tickets, events etc), Physical Products (e.g. exquisite wears, and gadgets), Service Based products (e.g. Spa, Gym, Telemedicine)
Our goal is to help you CONSISTENLY make a as much as 7 DIGITS every month. And that should be your target also. All you need to do is simple, sign up, and make sales, and keep making sales. As you make sales, your wallet keeps increasing or expanding. And you can start chilling with the big boys.

Will My Wallet Be Credited After I Make A Sale On 7dc? 

Of course, your 7DC Wallet will be credited immediately a sale is successfully confirmed. In addition, you’d receive a confrimation/congratulatory mail in the email address you provided during registration. 

What is MPS And How Can I Benefit From It? 

MPS is also known as Mentor/Monthly Profit Sharing.
It’s a monthly reward-sharing system whereby we share the company’s profit with Affiliates who mentor their downlines (prospects/mentees) to be successful.

How is MPS calculated?

MPS is calculated based on a 1st:2nd tier earnings ratio algorithm only applicable to subscription package sales. For every subscription sales your mentee make, you will be rewarded with a POTENTIAL MPS of 10% of the sales value.

How does the MPS work? 

MPS is calculated Monthly. So it renews (resets) every month. 
There will be 2 MPS wallets: Potential MPS: Total amount of 10% of 2nd generation subscription sales value recorded though your link, in a particular month.
Withdrawable MPS: Amount of Potential MPS claimable/withdrawable at the end of that month. This cannot be greater than potential MPS, and can also not be greater than your direct sales earnings for that month. 
For instance
In the month of September 2022, John made direct subscription sales of $100,000. John has about 100 affiliates registered though his link, who also made sales. Let’s assume 10% of the sales worth his mentees made is $200,000. But because John is their upline (and supposedly their mentor), John is rewarded with 10% of his mentees subscription sales value (Potential MPS). Therefore, John’s Potential MPS in September is $200,000. But he can only claim this potential MPS only if, he made direct sales equal/greater than that amount. Hence, because John only made $100,000 direct sales in September, John can only claim $100,000 out of the $200,000 potential, at month end. 
This is our way of motivating all parties involved to drive more sales to themselves.
Please note: MPS is a reward system and we have the right to edit/change the terms when necessary and applicable. Your focus is to make more sales, and guide your mentees too. If they make sales and you make sales. You will always have MPS to claim. 

How Do I Claim MPS?

It’s simple. There is a button on your dashboard, where you can CLAIM MPS for a particular month. You can choose to claim MPS to your wallet or local bank. Simply follow the prompts on your dashboard. 

How Will I Know When My Prospects Have Registered Through My Unique Link?

We know how it feels when Affiliates give all out to close a sale and they lose the contact or something went wrong. It can be so painful, Therefore we made the work so seamless for our Affiliates. Whenever any of their prospect(s) register through their unique link, affiliates automatically receive a mail from us to notify them that someone just signed up through them and also, the affiliates can confirm this registration by checking their dashboard “my downline”. Easy right? And not just that.. When the prospects finally pay, the Affiliates also receive a mail that his/her prospect just purchased either a subscription package or bought a product.

How do I contact the support team?

IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE QUESTION, KINDLY REACH OUT TO US support@my7dc.com or send us a Telegram Message here https://t.me/The7DCSupport 


 Remember, sign-up is 100% FREE!


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