Hello Friend, 

We will keep this as short and as simple as possible, or at least we intend to. We are writing this in normal people’s English and not in lawyers’ jargon. This is because we want you to understand the exact message we are passing across.

Naturally, signing up on our website means you are parting with some bio-information about yourself. So when we were creating my7dc.com, all we had in mind was to create a platform where you can learn the skills necessary to succeed in life, and make the kind of money you deserve.

We may have to use the information you have provided to further the growth of our brand. Signing up means you give us the go-ahead to do so. You are saying you are fine with receiving promotional emails, SMS and dm messages from us and all subsidiaries of The 7D Group. We also assure you that we will not use the information in any way to hurt you. We will never at any point be asking you for your BVN or Debit card Pin.

And yes, you will be able to unsubscribe from our mailing lists in case you find us burdensome (abi,na promotional messages we call am, no be witchcraft). But seriously, we don’t think you will be bored of us, we are that interestingly sweet.

We are providing you with a community of other affiliate marketers for support and inspiration because we believe very strongly that people perform way better when they are with like minds and others who share common goals and realities.

We also went on to provide you with access to Dr Ayo OluAyoola (@OluAyoola7D) and other exemplified and distinguished persons in the affiliate and digital marketing space. We have no guarantee and offer no warranty on the outcome of your interactions with any and every one of these individuals. So therefore we are stating in clear terms that we are not to be held liable. 

Once you sign up, you are saying that you understand the dynamics of human interaction and are to be held responsible for the results that ensue as you interact within the community no matter how pleasant or otherwise that you find them.

We are committed to maintaining a healthy community for all the members of the community. To this end, we would like you to know we have the right to remove you from the community if we receive any outwardly complaints about your conduct untowardly

We will not tolerate profane speeches, negative incapacitating speeches (both towards others and yourself) and bad energy speeches, if found to do that on two counts, the offender will be removed from our Telegram,GoogleMeet and our other virtual communities. The offender will still have access to his individual dashboard for the stipulated time of his subscription.

We have no control or guarantee over how effective your learning within the community proves. The only guarantee that we offer is that you will have access to the subscription package that you paid for. We have no guarantee that it will help you as it helped anyone else. Because people vary in diligence and how they apply themselves to work and learning.

Double accounts.

We want to truly empower real people to get real results. In addition, our work is to create a true system that caters for all and to have a true community of people, where everyone is actively involved and where community activities (such as, mentoring, coaching, learning, support) is adequately rewarded. 

Hence, we do not and will not allow double accounts to be owned or controlled by one person. This is against the values of a true community. We will also not allow ghost membership on the platform. Any double accounts or ghost membership will be suspended.

On Selling of Accounts:

This is not a platform where you can joke with. Selling your account to another person means you do not take us serious. It simply means you take us for granted. We will surely notice such, and as a result we will suspend such accounts.

About Re-Funds:

We do not promise refunds. When you commit to the platform, you commit! The only way you can get back your money is when you learn, implement and make sales, that way, you get your money back, 100%, the moment you place your first withdrawal. 

Mentor Profit Sharing.

We want to reward mentors who put in effort in training and helping their mentees to succeed. Hence, we created a simple reward system. As a mentor who successfully coached his mentee, to get results; we make plan to reward you. If and when we reward you, it will show on your MPS Wallet. The admin will process the cash value of such a reward to your local bank account at the end of every month, payable the following Monday. 

Mentor Profit Sharing is only available to active mentors to the tune of their own direct earnings. In simple terms, your MPS reward cannot exceed your own direct monthly earnings. So, the Monthly Direct Sales is greater than , or equal to your MPS Wallet. 

Profile Edit:
We do not allow you to edit your name, phone number, and email address. So we strongly advise that you register your account with the correct name, email address and phone number. And please make sure that your name is the same with the name on your ID card (as submitted in KYC).

The site will use cookies to help us optimize our performance and how we serve you.

One more thing, we have the right to change this privacy policy anytime. Meanwhile, we’ll definitely notify you about the changes, so you are aware of the updates. 

Signing up means you are saying you are cool with that. So let’s go make this money! 

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