What is 7DC?

7 Digits C. (Commissions, Courses, Creators, Customers, Clients, Commerce, Calling). WEBSITE: my7DC.com

7DC is the ecommerce platform where Affiliates can sell products and services  ranging from Digital products  such as Courses [ P-W Marketing, Copywriting, Storytelling, 7D WhatsApp Money Framework, Closing, etc] to physical products [ Clothes, Shoes  etc] to Services [ Telemedicine, Spa, Insurance] 

7DC is a marketplace for everyone and anyone who desires an easy and simple way to make legit 7 Digits online. On 7DC, you can either sell, learn or create. 

7DC is an avenue to execute all skills taught by selling various digital products. 

7DC is where both beginner and intermediate marketers become full blown BOSSES of their own (Sales Hackers).

7DC is the marketplace for Affiliates Marketers and Product Creators.


The goal of 7DC is to create 7 million Millionaires in 7 Years! And we will do it because we don’t chickenout from what we believe! 

This platform provides people with a marketplace where they can become financially free and independent without going through the stress of finding a product to sell or creating any digital product. All you do is promote other people’s products, sell them, and get some sweet income. 

Affiliate marketers get access to high-valued courses which they can sell to people and earn as high as 80% commission.

One of the beauties of the 7DC platform is that you do not need to buy a subscription or pay anything to become an affiliate, all you need to do is to sign up for FREE, start promoting your favourite products and EARN big. So, you can sell and withdraw. But you do not have access to any course or subscription until you buy them.


  3. THE CONSUMERS [i.e, buyers, customers, clients, students etc.] 

THE AFFILIATES: Affiliates are the people who sell a product to a consumer and in return, earn a commission for the product sold.

They can also be called the middleman between a Creator and a Consumer. 

An affiliate can pick any product of his/her choice, and promote and advertise the products, when the product is sold, the Affiliates Earn a certain amount (commission)

How can I be an Affiliate on 7DC? 

Simply sign up for free, and start selling right away.

If you want more, trainings, courses, and resources; We have three Amazing 7 Digits Subscription packages and courses that you can learn and start earning with. Our 7DC Subscription packages equip you with all that you need to become a 7 Digits Income Earner as an Affiliate. You can decide to choose any of these packages and get In the BALLERS game.

 The 7DC Subscriptions are:

  1.  7DC Silver
  2.  7DC Gold
  3.  7DC Platinum

There are also other 7 Digits Subscriptions, which are highly tailored, industry-based, well-researched, well-detailed, and well-organised resource materials for entrepreneurs in different categories. An example of a 7 Digits Subscription is the 7 Digits (Millionaire) Crochetier for crochet entrepreneurs.



THE CREATORS/MERCHANTS: Creators are people with authority/ influence who have packaged products in their subject of authority/influence, which they intend to sell (or are selling already).

Benefits of being a 7D Creator: One of the sweetest benefits of becoming a creator on 7DC,is the highly affordable commitment fee of N15,000 ($37.50) yearly!!

As a Creator on 7DC;

  • You can Upload UNLIMITED Products 
  • Determine the commission you give to affiliates and even to the platform (Full Control). Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Over 30,000+  Affiliates are ever ready to sell your products. Earn Passive Income regularly in 7 DIgits. All you need to do is focus on creating high-value products and excellent customer support. We will handle the marketing and sales for you. 


Consumers are people who buy a course or product(s) that’s being sold on the platform. This could either be directly or through an affiliate. 

They come to the platform either through Affiliates or other means online and show interest in buying a product with/without an affiliate introducing the products to them. 

They are here to consume the products either digital or physical or services.

AS AN AFFILIATE, you can earn commissions from selling to these categories of people – Creators, Affiliates and Consumers. 

  • Affiliates earn a 50% Commission when a Creator is registered through them.
  • Affiliates earn a 30-40% Commission on the sales of 7 Digits Subscription packages. 
  • Affiliates earn between 30-80% commission on sales of products (digital or physical or service-based) to consumers.

How to get started on 7DC as an Affiliate. 

The very first step is to sign up [FREE]. When you sign up, you can start selling and earning right away. 


Subscribe to any of the 7 Digits Subscriptions or Buy any course, to equip yourself with skills and updated know-how and use the skills to make money either as an affiliate on the platform, or on other platforms, or in your business or career.

To sell any product, all you need to do is generate and copy your unique affiliate link for that particular product, and promote the link whenever and wherever you decide to. 

How to get started as a Creator on 7DC :

1)The first step is to sign up on my7DC.com [FREE] 

Commit with the sum of N15,000 ($37.50) yearly to grant you access to upload your own products.

Note: For more information on how to become a creator on 7DC, kindly read this guide.

How to get started as a Consumer or Buyer 

  1.  Log in to my7DC. (http://my7dc.com) with the email address and password, you used to register 
  2. Click on “Courses”  for the Digital products, and “Shop” for the Physical products on the menu bar.
  3. Select the Course/Product you DESIRE to BUY. 
  4. Click on “VIEW/BUY”
  5. It will take you to a payment page, where you will be required to input your card details or if you choose, pay with the other payment options made available to you. 
  6. After successful payment, you will be redirected to the course page, by now. You already have access to the product

For more information, you can check out our FAQ: www.blog.my7dc.com/faq


For support and enquiries, contact the 7DC. Support here 

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